Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

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The Ministry of Transport (Czech Republic) is a state administration central body acting in the matters of transport. It is responsible for the creation of national transport policy and also for its implementation within the scope of its competence. The Ministry of Transport has a governmental competency concerning the participation of the Czech Republic in the European satellite navigation programme Galileo and it plays the role of the national coordinator in the field of satellite navigation development. It is also responsible for coordination of space activities in The Czech Republic in general; it is responsible for Czech membership in European Space Agency (ESA), EU space policy and partnership with the European GNSS Agency (GSA). The competency of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic in the ITS field is executed particularly in the area of conception, programming, implementation, and in defined cases the Ministry of Transport ensures the execution of supervision activities. The Ministry of Transport supports and finances research and demonstration projects focused on the field of satellite navigation, ITS, ICT and info-mobility.

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+420 - 225 131 395
+420 - 225 131 672
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