Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the Czech Republic until 2020 (with a Prospect of 2050)

Martin Pichl / 01 Sep 2017 14:29

Short name:
ITS Action Plan
Policy & legislation
National policy & legislation
Issuing organisation:
Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
Issuing body name:
Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
Area covered:
national Array
Country of reference:


ITS Action Plan proposes follow-up measures for further ITS development in the Czech Republic. Specifically, these include obtaining and ensuring the transfer and quality of source data, storing data, assessment and processing and subsequent forwarding of the information to users or business entities. Other measures relate to traffic control, process of passenger or goods carriage and provision of related services. Final measures focus on compliance with road traffic rules and systemic and cross-section measures and are divided into technical, organizational and R&D categories. For the purpose of imple¬menting technical and R&D measures, investment activities are expected; as for the organizational aspects
Legal force:
  • No legal force
Date of adoption:
Tags / keywords:
Cooperative Safety Traffic data traffic management Freight transport Parking Automated driving Smart Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles European Commission
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